Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trying to Get Organized

I confess, I'm kind of a hoarder (is that really a confession if I say "kind of"?). My husband and I have spent several weekends lately digging through our storage room, getting rid of LOTS of things. We've made trip after trip to our local Goodwill and have thrown out more than you could imagine. I have run across some good finds (forgot I had them and couldn't have found them if I had remembered). I found at least a dozen magazine holders. I'm sure at one time they were put to good use, but they've been gathering dust in the storage room for a couple of years. I decided to add them to my craft room, but of course they needed to be "prettier". I quickly added some patterned paper, cut some flowers and leaves with my Cricut, added a few brads and now they sit proudly on my shelves.

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Laurie said...

Hi. I'm your link for the CFH Blog Hop this weekend. I love this idea. I have some of these as well; and now I'll just have to scraplift your idea. I'll try to 'ding' you when I do.

You have a great blog - very newsy. See you this weekend.