Saturday, May 30, 2009

Schools Out for Summer!

I'm not a big Alice Cooper fan, but that is the song that always comes to mind this time of year. We attended lots of graduation parties this year. One of the gifts we give a lot is a tool kit. Several kids have told us it was the hit of their dorm floor. My daughter got one last year and used it a LOT! This pink one is perfect for the girls.

I just added a name tag to it, and it was ready to wrap! I used my Cricut to cut the label (Storybook) and the name (Lyrical Letters). So it would withstand a lot of handling, I cut 6 labels from cardstock and glued them together - resulting in a chipboard feel. I punched a hole with my Crop-a-dile and added a beaded key chain.

In case you're looking for beaded key chains, I looked all over Michaels and asked 3 employees and nobody knew where they might be. They finally told me that if they weren't with the jewelry supplies, they didn't carry them. I refused to accept that because if a craft store didn't carry them, who would? I finally found them with the leather supplies - and yes I did go back to the employees to tell them of my find (nicely of course, just trying to help out where I can!) .


Heather said...

Where did you find the darling pink tool kits??? Great job on the name tag by the way-- I love my Cricut!!

Susan said...

Thanks Heather! I found them at WalMart in the tool dept.